Welcome to the Digital Marketing Practitioner Forum !

Digital Marketing Practitioner Forum aims to help digital marketers equip themselves and address the challenges and to bring to light the latest trends, tendencies and techniques for formulating an effective digital advertising strategy.

The Forum was started to encourage Digital Marketing Practitioner and those connected to Digital Marketing from across the world to organize real-world informal meetups to share, network and grow.

Executive Member 2017-18

  1. Mr.Nilesh Deshmukh    Founder & Chair
  2. Mr.Anurag Mishra        Community Manager ( India)
  3. Mr.Keerthi Kadam       Chair Startup Ventures
  4. Ms. Priya Dashputre     Chair Industry Relation
  5. Ms. Priyanka Deshmukh  Chair Digital Marketing Camp
  6. Mr. Tabrej Shaikh         Chair Brand Management